My Life in Five Years

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I have several things I want to do for next five years. Now that I am attending the 1st semester of the third year of Korea University, I will graduate in February of 2019. Firstly, five years later, I want to have my own coffee shop, so I want to get a barista certificate before graduating from university. I will run a coffee shop nearby ocean in Busan, because it is the city that I want to live later. Second, I hope that I married a loved one five years later. Living with someone for a lifetime is a wonderful thing. I would like to share an interesting things and daily routine with my husband. However, I don’t want to have baby at that time. So, I am striving to have a good relationship with someone I love now. Lastly, I hope to travel many places for five years. Since I have never traveled abroad, I have a fantasy about traveling to Europe. Also, I have never traveled alone. So I will go to Poland and Italy alone after graduation. Travelling alone has the advantage of having a chance to meet new friends, and it let me look back on myself. Through various travel, I want to grow by seeing many things and feeling the new experience. I will prepare myself by learning another language for easy travel. Like this, there are three things in the future that I want. These things are about my own coffee shop, marriage, and traveling. I will continue to make efforts for this wonderful future.

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