Three Things I Can’t Live Without

cymera_20170402_165248.jpg   I definitely cannot live without my contact lens, facebook, or spicy food. I have been wearing glasses since ten-years old because I have poor eyesight. It is difficult to read large letters without glasses or lenses anymore. I prefer contact lenses to glasses. On weekdays, I wear the lenses from early morning to two hours before bedtime. The second is Facebook. I enjoy sharing fun moments with my friends and listening to new music through Facebook. I usually use it on a bus or during class break time. I spend about an hour a day on Facebook. Sometimes, I avoid using Facebook because it interferes with studying during the exam period. Lastly, I like spicy food especially spicy Ddeokbokgi. I usually go a snack bar and eat spicy foods to relieve stress on a bad day. However, even if it is not a bad day, I love the taste and I eat spicy food once a week. For these reasons I can’t live without these three things.

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