My Lifestyle

I had some bad habits in my daily life. However, now I’m making a little effort to live a healthy life. There are a phrase that eating is soon becoming your own body. I usually enjoy to drink sweet chocolate milk or coffee. However, now, I am trying to drink Calamansi juicy, which is rich in vitamin C, to change my habit. Calamansi juicy has sourness, so it is a great drink to me because I love the stimulating taste. Also, drinking enough water is important for discharging waste from the body. So, I am trying to drink enough water these days. I carry a bottle of water for drinking water easily. Another effort for healthy life besides the diet is to refrain from using earphones. I spend about 3 hours each day commuting school to home. during that time, I usually listen to my favorite music using the earphones. However, the use of earphones for long time sometimes hurts my ears. Nowadays, I try to use my earphones sparingly and enjoy listening to music in my personal spaces without earphones. The greatest influence on the condition of the day is sleep. I usually sleep about 7 hours, so I used to spend less time sleeping during the exam period. It caused serious tiredness the next day. Therefore, I am going to sleep about 5 hours during the exam period. Drinking lots of healthy drinks and water instead of drinking sweet beverage, refraining from using earphones, and sleeping for more than five hours is my efforts for my health.untitled.png

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