My Dream Vacation in Spain

palace-187923_1280.jpgI would like to go Spain for my dream vacation. Spain is a country of art and food. I want to visit to Barcelona, Sevilla, and Maidrid. Each city has unique attractions. I also want a four week trip alone because I want a leisurely schedule. Since I have never traveled alone and have no acquaintances in Spain, I feel a bit of fear, but I think I can make good new friends there. Autumn is the best time to travel because there is no better time to do outdoor activities than autumn. Summer or winter is hard to do outdoor activities. The plane that flies from Incheon to Barcelona will take at least fourteen hours. Barcelona is ‘City of Art’. You can see structure of Antoni Gaudi like Casa Batllo, Catalunã Music Hall, and Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. The most desired place is Guel Park. When I was a middle school student, I first saw Guel Park in a textbook, I thought it as really beautiful like the park in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Also, the place is exotic. During my trip, I want to feel like I’m out of my daily routine. Next I will go to Sevilla, I will see the world’s third largest cathedral ‘Seville Cathedral.’ I would like to take pictures of Nuebo Bridge at Ronda if I have more time. Madrid is the place I will stay the longest. Spanish people eat five meals a day, which is another reason why I decided to take a vacation to Spain. To see beautiful nature and architecture is great, but to spend time in San Miguel Market in Madrid seems it will be really fun. Spain’s representative dishes include Ppaella and Sangria. However, Spanish food is very salty to Korean. So, I already memorized the phase ‘Sin Sal, por favor’ that means ‘Please cook the dishes without salt.’ My dream vacation in Spain will be perfect.

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