My Partner Interview Lee Jung-hyeon

This week I interviewed Lee Jung-hyeon and I found her to be kind and lovely. She is twenty-one year old, and in second year. Also, her major is Archeology and Art Histosy. She said sometimes it is hard but very interesting. She is satisfied with her major and school life. The most memorable experience in school days was meeting foreign freinds and talking with them in English. However, because she dislikes drinking, Sabalsik, which is a drinking ceremony for freshman, is not a pleasant memory from her schooldays. Her home town is Seoul, so she is living in Jinlee Dormitory. She has two nice roommates. When she brings her favorite dolls to her dormitory, she is worried that her roommates will consider her a little strange. However, all of her roommates also brought their dolls, so she feels relieved. In her room, she has two roommates and three dolls. She spends her free time doing homework and listening to instumental music. Her favorite DJ is Tobu because hsi music is peaceful and sometimes very fun. She recommands to me ‘Candyland‘. Talking with Lee Jung-hyeon is very exciting because I made an adorable and warmhearted friends.

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