My Attractive Hometown Daejeon


My hometown is Daejeon. Daejeon has the title of ‘A Good City For People To Live In’ because there are fewer natural disasters than in other cities. However, not only weather, Daejeon has a lot of attractions. First, there is a special structure ‘Sky Road’ in Eunhang-dong. It is a large LED arcade structure that is shaped like a roof. It streches over the two-hundreds meters showing the various media arts, advertisements, and sports. Nearby Sky Road, there are concentrated by shopping malls and restaurants. Seconds, the most famous bakery in Deajeon is Sungsimdang meaning place having holy mind. The bakery, which started selling jjinppang, has been loved for more than sixty years. Last year, the history of Sungsimdang was even published in a book. The most famous and most popular bread is Fried-Soboro. The section in the bakery which sells the bread is separated because of the popularity. It has sweet taste with crunch texture. Thirds, Daejeon is nature-friendly. There are many place to enjoying nature. Especially, Gyejok Mountain has a long way to enjoy the healthy soil by your bare feet. If you want to see a nice nightview, go to Sikjang Mountain. For these reasons, Daejeon is a really attractive city.


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