A Self-introduction

My name is Park Jin-kyeong. I’m twenty-two years old. I am interested in coffee because it has attractive fragnance and taste. About two years ago, I was learning about making a good espresso shot. Aswell, I have been working in a coffee shop for one year, so on weekdays, I usually spend my time studying at Korea Univ and on weekends I should go to the coffee shop to do my part time job. making a cup of good coffee or beverage is pleasant thing. I feel proud when I make perfect espresso. However, Sometimes, some customers evoke my pet peeves. For example, some people demand hot smoothies or hot fruit juices. I have to explain the beverage is impossible. However, overall I’m really satisfied with this work. I like to drink coffee as well as make coffee. I prefer Americanos more than anything else because of its clean taste. If you like a refreshing taste, go to a coffee shop and order a cup of ice peppermint with an espresso shot. You will love it. In the future, Even if it is not being a barista, I want to get a job related to doing what I love.

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