My Life in Five Years

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I have several things I want to do for next five years. Now that I am attending the 1st semester of the third year of Korea University, I will graduate in February of 2019. Firstly, five years later, I want to have my own coffee shop, so I want to get a barista certificate before graduating from university. I will run a coffee shop nearby ocean in Busan, because it is the city that I want to live later. Second, I hope that I married a loved one five years later. Living with someone for a lifetime is a wonderful thing. I would like to share an interesting things and daily routine with my husband. However, I don’t want to have baby at that time. So, I am striving to have a good relationship with someone I love now. Lastly, I hope to travel many places for five years. Since I have never traveled abroad, I have a fantasy about traveling to Europe. Also, I have never traveled alone. So I will go to Poland and Italy alone after graduation. Travelling alone has the advantage of having a chance to meet new friends, and it let me look back on myself. Through various travel, I want to grow by seeing many things and feeling the new experience. I will prepare myself by learning another language for easy travel. Like this, there are three things in the future that I want. These things are about my own coffee shop, marriage, and traveling. I will continue to make efforts for this wonderful future.


Lookism in South Korea

A social issue which concern me is loookism in South Korea. Lookism means being treated differently according to a person’s appearance. When comparing people to beauty standards, attractive people get benefits, and unattractive people get disadvantaged. Attractive people are assumed to be more friendly, intelligent, and productive than their less comely counterparts, regardless of their actual traits.Because of this, plastic surgery and extreme dieting have become common in Korea. There are large eyes, white skin, convex forehead, and slim figure are elements of Korean beauty standard. While not classified in the same way as racial, cultural, sexual discrimination, “lookism” is widespread and affects how people are perceived as well as affecting their opportunities in terms of relationships and, job opportunities, etc.

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The main factor that encourages lookism is the influence of media. In a Korean drama ‘Boys Over Flowers(2009)’, the main character is audacious and unfriendly to other people, but is tolerated by others because he is handsomeand tall. In addition, the media sometimes praises people merely for their appearance. For instance, there was a television program called ‘Era of Beauties’. The casts of this program are selected and evaluated solely by their appearance. Even in comedy programs, people often use their appeance as a joke. These media can give impression to people that lookism is natural and right.Also, the media injected the idea into the unconscious mind that attractive people get interested and gain benefits. The most serious thing is that lookism has a greater impact on young people.


To solve this problem, efforts to improve the content of the media are required.The media has a great influence on people’s unconscious.They need to convey through various methods that it is okay to look unattractive to Korean.They must not use the people’s appearance to laughing stock. A marketing poster of Red Shoes and The Seven Dwarf was controversial because of body shape. Along with the phrase ‘What if Snow White was no longer beautiful?’, two picture were displayed together. One of them was slim Snow White, and another was fat Snow white. The poster was criticized by netizens because it planted a perception that fat girl are not beautiful.


In my opinion, defining‘the certain facial features and physical characteristics are not attractive’ has to be eliminated. People have to know that they are beautiful,even if they don’t have slim body, white skin, and proper height. A famous fashion brand ‘Abercreombie& Fitch’ said that they do not make clothes of XL size because they targeted only for attractive people. However, Jess Baker criticized the company that they consider attraction and fat are could not be compatible. She also said, ‘ There is nothing wrong with your appearance, but the media’s standards and discrimination is wrong. ‘ Likewise, individuals can solve the problem of lookism by knowing that they are worth enough to be loved with the way they are.

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

cymera_20170402_165248.jpg   I definitely cannot live without my contact lens, facebook, or spicy food. I have been wearing glasses since ten-years old because I have poor eyesight. It is difficult to read large letters without glasses or lenses anymore. I prefer contact lenses to glasses. On weekdays, I wear the lenses from early morning to two hours before bedtime. The second is Facebook. I enjoy sharing fun moments with my friends and listening to new music through Facebook. I usually use it on a bus or during class break time. I spend about an hour a day on Facebook. Sometimes, I avoid using Facebook because it interferes with studying during the exam period. Lastly, I like spicy food especially spicy Ddeokbokgi. I usually go a snack bar and eat spicy foods to relieve stress on a bad day. However, even if it is not a bad day, I love the taste and I eat spicy food once a week. For these reasons I can’t live without these three things.

My Lifestyle

I had some bad habits in my daily life. However, now I’m making a little effort to live a healthy life. There are a phrase that eating is soon becoming your own body. I usually enjoy to drink sweet chocolate milk or coffee. However, now, I am trying to drink Calamansi juicy, which is rich in vitamin C, to change my habit. Calamansi juicy has sourness, so it is a great drink to me because I love the stimulating taste. Also, drinking enough water is important for discharging waste from the body. So, I am trying to drink enough water these days. I carry a bottle of water for drinking water easily. Another effort for healthy life besides the diet is to refrain from using earphones. I spend about 3 hours each day commuting school to home. during that time, I usually listen to my favorite music using the earphones. However, the use of earphones for long time sometimes hurts my ears. Nowadays, I try to use my earphones sparingly and enjoy listening to music in my personal spaces without earphones. The greatest influence on the condition of the day is sleep. I usually sleep about 7 hours, so I used to spend less time sleeping during the exam period. It caused serious tiredness the next day. Therefore, I am going to sleep about 5 hours during the exam period. Drinking lots of healthy drinks and water instead of drinking sweet beverage, refraining from using earphones, and sleeping for more than five hours is my efforts for my health.untitled.png

My Dream Vacation in Spain

palace-187923_1280.jpgI would like to go Spain for my dream vacation. Spain is a country of art and food. I want to visit to Barcelona, Sevilla, and Maidrid. Each city has unique attractions. I also want a four week trip alone because I want a leisurely schedule. Since I have never traveled alone and have no acquaintances in Spain, I feel a bit of fear, but I think I can make good new friends there. Autumn is the best time to travel because there is no better time to do outdoor activities than autumn. Summer or winter is hard to do outdoor activities. The plane that flies from Incheon to Barcelona will take at least fourteen hours. Barcelona is ‘City of Art’. You can see structure of Antoni Gaudi like Casa Batllo, Catalunã Music Hall, and Basilica of the Sagrada Familia. The most desired place is Guel Park. When I was a middle school student, I first saw Guel Park in a textbook, I thought it as really beautiful like the park in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Also, the place is exotic. During my trip, I want to feel like I’m out of my daily routine. Next I will go to Sevilla, I will see the world’s third largest cathedral ‘Seville Cathedral.’ I would like to take pictures of Nuebo Bridge at Ronda if I have more time. Madrid is the place I will stay the longest. Spanish people eat five meals a day, which is another reason why I decided to take a vacation to Spain. To see beautiful nature and architecture is great, but to spend time in San Miguel Market in Madrid seems it will be really fun. Spain’s representative dishes include Ppaella and Sangria. However, Spanish food is very salty to Korean. So, I already memorized the phase ‘Sin Sal, por favor’ that means ‘Please cook the dishes without salt.’ My dream vacation in Spain will be perfect.

My Partner Interview Lee Jung-hyeon

This week I interviewed Lee Jung-hyeon and I found her to be kind and lovely. She is twenty-one year old, and in second year. Also, her major is Archeology and Art Histosy. She said sometimes it is hard but very interesting. She is satisfied with her major and school life. The most memorable experience in school days was meeting foreign freinds and talking with them in English. However, because she dislikes drinking, Sabalsik, which is a drinking ceremony for freshman, is not a pleasant memory from her schooldays. Her home town is Seoul, so she is living in Jinlee Dormitory. She has two nice roommates. When she brings her favorite dolls to her dormitory, she is worried that her roommates will consider her a little strange. However, all of her roommates also brought their dolls, so she feels relieved. In her room, she has two roommates and three dolls. She spends her free time doing homework and listening to instumental music. Her favorite DJ is Tobu because hsi music is peaceful and sometimes very fun. She recommands to me ‘Candyland‘. Talking with Lee Jung-hyeon is very exciting because I made an adorable and warmhearted friends.